Adapt IT Australasia offers exceptional product and technology support, ensuring that businesses derive the maximum benefit from the Adapt IT Australasia product range.

We provide turnkey solutions that ensure the system modules selected are implemented correctly and are based on the business rules of the institution. The systems are fully supported after implementation by a specialist Adapt IT support team.

The business rules of a prospective client will be reviewed by Adapt IT during pre-implementation discussions. As part of our review possible functional gaps may be identified, as well as interfaces that may be required to other 3rd Party products. The outcome of the review will be discussed with the client to ensure that focus is placed on implementing the most critical requirements as fast as possible.

The implementation of the software is a sequential process and is based on dependencies within the system. The system is initially set up by our staff based on the business rules as provided to us.

Data migration can be a complex task and is carried out by Adapt IT. Migrated data is validated by the client before go-live to ensure minimum business disruption.

Where different software systems need to exchange information, there may be a need for system integration. Adapt IT has the knowledge and capabilities to integrate systems to meet specific client requirements. Integration methods may vary from simple file transfers to fully fledged system API’s deployed as Web Services.

Training is provided to the end-users of the system, ensuring that operations at ‘go-live’ can be performed correctly and that the transition to the new software is seamless. The purpose of training at this level is to develop operational competencies when using the system.

Training is also given to the first-line-user support and/or administrators of the system ensuring that the system can be managed correctly post-implementation.

Post-implementation is locally provided from Wellington with helpdesk staff available between 8.30 am to 5.00pm on business days. Out of hours support is available on request.